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W September 2011 – “Kapow!”

Bright colours, a myriad of textures and patterns and a mountain of accessories – this editorial is as explosive as the title, “Kapow!” implies. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes.

Shot at the Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC*, the setting provides the prefect backdrop of colour and texture to transport the viewer into a sumptuous world. This choice of setting is inspired – I would have never thought that the sequinned gypsy style of Roberto Cavalli could be paired so beautifully with Australian Aboriginal art (first image).

Both Sasha and Freja look like larger-than-life characters (especially in the eighth shot – Sasha resembles an Aztec god in full regalia). Their serious but relaxed looks save the images from being clownish and lend credibility to this excessive style. If anyone could pull off these looks walking down the street, it’s these two (and possibly Hanne-Gaby Odiele, whom I also love).

With so much going on, it’s amazing that these images are so wonderfully balanced – Sasha and Freja’s energetic poses, along with windswept hair and liberal flashes of bare flesh lighten up the heaviness of the clothes and the accessories. This balance of light and heavy keeps the images fresh and stimulating. I could look at these images all day and still find new details to catch the eye.

In short, this is an inspired editorial from Jane How and Mario Sorrenti. More please!

*as mentioned by “Guest” on fashiongonerogue