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Valentino – “Valentina”

(ED: Now this is definitely a new writing challenge for me – trying to write about an advertisement as objectively as possible.)

Perfume is quite the sensuous pleasure. By tapping into the primal sense of smell, perfume powerfully evokes all manner of feelings. It can be worn as armour for protection, as a disguise for an element of mystery, or simply for comfort and pleasure. From the sickly sweet to the brutish (or should I say, Old Spice-ish?), there is no denying that once a perfume is worn, it imparts its personality to the wearer.

So what type of personality is Valentina trying to evoke? In the commercial (directed by Johan Renck) we see Freja as Valentina, escaping from an opulent party to enjoy the smaller pleasures of close friends and rooftop parties, watching the sun rise. She is desired; called for by paparazzi, searched for by cars and helicopters. She is free; leaping from the balcony and walking around the streets of Rome. Valentina/Freja’s beaming smile shows us that she is a carefree and confident woman.

There is little of the cool, stern Freja in this campaign – instead, she shines as the warm, carefree Valentina. Wonderful – I’m sold, and I haven’t even smelled the damn perfume yet!

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