Vogue UK October 2011 – “Tech Mate”

This as far from last month’s Flemish painting inspired editorial as you can get – a futuristic, stark-white studio shoot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Here, the emphasis is on clean lines, sleek forms and bright, almost unnatural colours. By pairing the clothing with robotic toys (the Transformers!), Chambers playfully highlights the futuristic aspects of the clothing. There is a lovely rhythm between Freja and the robot props – the figure-hugging neoprene shorts emphasise Freja’s lean body, much like the utilitarian limbs of a robot which are designed for function. The strikingly elegant coats are reminiscent of the veneer of machines, while the bright colours of the Celine and Blumarine pieces add further emphasis on the likeness between Freja and the brightly coloured robots. The shoes and accessories are quite futuristic too.

While I wish Demarchelier was a little more adventurous with the angles of the photos, it’s still a very cute and playful editorial. A thumbs up from me!

    • abc
    • September 28th, 2011

    A new Freja blog! I was pretty bummed too when Rrose decided to stop posting, but I definitely like what I see so far on your blog. Keep up the good work!

    • noiseswemake
    • October 8th, 2011

    abc: Thank you for your kind words on such a new blog! I’ll definitely try my best, though I am nowhere near as well-versed in the fashion industry as Rrose is 🙂 I do hope you keep reading. Best wishes x

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