Spur (Japan) April 2010 – “フライヤ、男前モデルの素顔”

(According to Google Translate, the title is “Flyer, handsome famous model”. Heehee.)

I hadn’t seen good quality scans of this editorial before, so I bought a copy of this issue and scanned it. For those who can’t read Japanese (myself included), a good translation of the article can be found here.

This shoot focuses on Freja’s personal style. No surprises here: black leather jackets (one by Balenciaga and the other by Rick Owens), skinny jeans and big boots.

Here, Freja plays herself. Instead of looking relaxed, Freja’s body language comes off rather guarded (sitting with a knee up to her chest in one image, crossed arms in another, hands thrust into pockets, hard gazes in other photos).

Freja’s guarded body language reminds me of an observation made in a Vogue UK article last year (August 2010): “Face to face, Freja’s personality is harder to discern. Although she embodies an intoxicating cool, she’s shy, reserved and defensive about her privacy in a way that doesn’t invite girly conversation.”

The author’s astute observation applies to this – despite being a relatively benign style article, the personal nature of it would probably make a private person like Freja a little defensive. Fair enough. Thankfully this is a nice article that doesn’t rock the boat.

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